We All Need New Beginnings and a Fresh Start!

To be released on 1.1.2018, with If All the World Were Right there is a shot of positivity in the world!!! A transformative and perhaps even “Life-Changing” vibe is in the air!  Whoa! There is nothing really being sold here except an atmosphere to “believe in yourself” and “embrace your own greatness” with heavy doses of Humility thrown in thanks to our struggles through dense matter! This concept album is of a journey…a journey of a Prodigal, who has to return home after being defeated by the Life and the world… Humility fills the album… Humility is a curious thing… Humility is transformative… With true Humility, one can never really be hurt or even angry again as you become accepting and nonjudgmental as nothing threatens you anymore… This album is something one can surround themselves with to support them on their own path of self-discovery… 

“This album’s story is so much about my journey… But I don’t think it is unique to me at all! Most of us go through really tough patches during our lives! And so much of it has to do with our thinking…and the emotions that result from our thinking… I perceive that most of us spend almost our entire lives working out our feelings about things…in the car, eating, at work, shopping, in the shower! We are constantly thinking about how to interpret or reconcile our lives… BUT the absolutely cool thing is that we have a choice in how we experience the world! And all it takes to improve things is to change your thinking or perception of things! Once I got ahold of that idea many years ago, Bam! My life changed! We tend to become what we think about…and it is about that simple! I realized that my life was flowing “out” of me and wasn’t just happening “to” me! So I started to think positivity and about all the options there are…and how I could see others in a more loving and lighter way…without judgment or without the need to call them “right or wrong”…but just accept everyone as they are…and trust in Life! This album is really about “inner accomplishments” rather than external happenings, which is really where true progress is made! So I’m going to choose to be happy! It doesn’t take any talent to be negative or critical. Negativity doesn’t move things forward.  To me, every day is the BEST day of my Life! Heck, even if I find myself in an Iron Lung and I’m going to find a way to eventually be happy!” ~ Andrew Reed

Sedgwick Studios